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Four Big Tips Of The Trade From EcoShield Texas

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Auto Cleaning

We know that cleaning your car is probably the last thing you want to do, so we decided to let you in on four different ways the EcoShield Texas sanitization team makes sure your car is 100% disinfected and looking ready for the road. Get your motor running because we are about to take car cleaning to a whole other level!

Grimy, dirty car.

We Remove Grime Before We Wash!

At EcoShield Texas, we live and die by the pre-wash! We believe that to get the complete wash you’re looking for, we need to make sure that all grime is removed before we get into the heavy cleaning. This also ensures that no little rocks or debris get dragged along later in the wash, causing unsightly and irreparable damage during your car cleaning. We cover every inch of the car using our power washers until we are 100% sure that your vehicle is ready to be deep cleaned. Then, and only then, do we earn the right to really start washing the car.

Red bucket full of suds.

We Operate On a Multiple-Bucket System

Most car cleaning operations are out there with one bucket, only one! That means they’re mixing your soapy water, clean water, dirt and grime into that one bucket. Your vehicle won’t get spotless, and you run the chance of scratching your paint with the filth from the bucket. At EcoShield Texas, we bring two buckets, one for clean water for rinsing and the other for the washing solution. We keep the grime and dirt out of the water by using a grit guard with each bucket. We also wipe your car down with a wash mitt to ensure your paint is kept untouched and looking brilliant.

Person spraying down the windshield of a car.

We Clean the Glass…..Inside And Out!

Recreating that car dealership window shine doesn’t come easy, but we deliver it with every car cleaning we complete! EcoShield Texas provides that shine every time by using microfiber cloths and keeping one fabric dedicated to cleaning and the other dedicated to buffing. We clean both sides of the glass with our Green Cleaner and then buff them out with our dedicated buffer cloth. We also clean your window wipers thoroughly to keep that front windshield visibility clear and free of any distraction that can cause a crash. Windshield wiper streaks can be dangerous and can cause severe accidents.

Person cleaning the interior of a car in hard-to-reach areas.

We Clean The Hard-To-Reach Areas

You know what ones we’re talking about, such as that little lip around the cupholder that’s got dirt in there that’s probably older than the car itself! Trying to clean these areas is one of the hardest things to do and can drive you mad as it always seems impossible to get all the way clean. At EcoShield Texas, we use compressed air to get into those tight tiny spaces. Once we have all the debris removed, we treat it with our Green Cleaner and softly wipe dry. We provide car cleaning that notices the little things; you so don’t have to!

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There you have it; four great methods that EcoShield Texas uses to provide quality car cleaning service that’s trusted and respected. Schedule an appointment today with one of our sanitization specialists, and we can share even more ways that EcoShield Texas is committed to your health and wellness!

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